Why foreign language translators are the next big thing in India?

Have a look around yourself and pay attention to the amount of exposure we all have these days to foreign languages. Most of us have seen squid games, the majority of the girls are addicted to watching K-Dramas and BTS, and the craze for Turkish shows is also undeniably prominent. With the world becoming a global village, we are surrounded by various foreign languages at all times.

The point to note here is that these are all translated into various languages. So, somebody is doing the work of translation and if we were to spill some industry secrets, there aren’t many of them.  

Why are foreign languages paying well?

The international scope of foreign languages is expanding. There was a time when everyone aspired to be a doctor or engineer or to work in hotel management for a brighter life, but potential in these fields is scarce now, and the number of candidates is growing by the day because everyone is vying for them.

This can be a fantastic opportunity for people who are interested in learning a foreign language.

Although there are many other fields such as teaching Consulting interpretation etc can pay very well for the translator the job of a translator in foreign languages remains the primary one.

Translation has quite a wide scope of employment with SEO translation, translation in Foreign languages to English or regional languages becoming popular, the demand of translators is increasing day by day.

Career Prospects as a Translator

Learning a foreign language is not only Beneficial to becoming a polyglot but it can also open various doors of employment for individuals. There is a high demand for translators in languages such as Spanish German Korean Japanese and French.

If you are skilled and have little experience you can earn up to 1 lakh per month while translating for various languages.

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Foreign language translators are the next big thing in India!

As a translator, you will write, analyze, and edit written text from one language into the target language. Skilled translators’ services are always in high demand, and they earn a good living as a result of their experience, learning, and specialization. Because of the complexities of languages, machine translation cannot and will never replace human translators.

In different languages, there are words that have two meanings. What works in one language may not work in another.

The Machine is unable to relate words to context. When it comes to translation, quality is more important than anything else.

Human translators and interpreters are far more dependable and effective, and the ‘personal’ aspect will always triumph over technology.

Because of the substantial monetary benefits, expanding scope, and flexible working hours, translators are one of the most sought-after career options in languages.

Eligibility and Salary

People looking to make a career in translation should complete a certified course in the foreign language that they are interested in.

The institute should be certified too and should have a good track record.

Once certified, the individual can start taking independent clients as a freelancer or join a translation service company that pays off well.

The translator can expect to get anything between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 for starters. After an experience of 2 or more years, it can go as high as Rs. 35,000.

Here the language also plays a vital role. If one has knowledge and experience in European languages like French or German, one can get a good salary of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 90,000 monthly.

So the package is dependent on language and experience. Few languages are valued even higher like Arabic and Ukrainian, but there is not much work in the same.

A top translator, however, can earn more than 50K – 60K per assignment.

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